Butterfly Linkx Permanent Jewelry are dainty bracelets, anklets, and necklaces that are custom fit and welded onto you without a clasp!

Not at all! I use a micro-welder to join the two ends of your chain without a clasp. It's a quick process that is fun and exciting to watch.

You will be provided welding safety glasses before I start the welding process. You will also have a protective layer between you and the flash!

Those with pacemakers should not get permanent jewelry because of the welding process.

Allergies to solid gold, sterling silver, and gold fill are rare, but those with allergies should not get permanent jewelry.

We use 14k solid yellow, sterling silver, and 14k gold filled for your permanent jewelry so there's something for everyone.

An appointment is highly recommended to save your spot. Please schedule your appointment online. After paying a $40 deposit, your session will be booked.

Once an appointment is scheduled, it can be rescheduled or canceled if the time slot no longer works for you. We ask that you please cancel 24 hours prior to your booked time so that we can open the appointment to other customers

The adornments are beautiful solo or stacked. We are happy to custom-fit as many jewelry pieces as you wish. Please plan on one (15 minute) appointment per piece.  

If you are booking for multiple people, each person needs their own time slot.

Please see price list

$40 non refundable that will be applied to your purchase

Of course! That's the fun of jewelry you never have to take off! Our chains are meant to go through all of life’s fun adventures with you.

We have found that sterling styles are prone to oxidation after exposure to pools or hot tubs that are improperly chemically balanced. A gentle wipe with a polishing cloth, or quick scrub with a baking soda/water paste and soft brush is all that is required to restore the original

Your pieces will stay on for as long as you'd like! If for some reason you would like to remove your jewelry, simply cut the chain and save it if you'd like me to re-weld it in the future.

Our chains are made of high-quality materials meant to resist everyday wear and tear, yet dainty enough to come off for safety's sake. Permanent jewelry does not mean indestructible jewelry, it just means the piece is clasp-less. Any piece of jewelry is susceptible to damage when met with an opposing force. If your piece gets snagged or it breaks, we will do our best to repair it for you. Please note, we do not replace or reimburse you for lost chains.

Absolutely! I would love to help you celebrate your special event with a permanent jewelry party! Deposits required.

Just email me at [email protected]

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